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On Thursday March 30th 2017, SACI held its 96th Annual Business Luncheon at La Griglia Restaurant in Kenilworth, NJ. We outdid ourselves this time with our venue choice and we thank Frank Wuertz for finding the proper restaurant for this all important annual event. The food was excellent and the program was informative as we reviewed the highlights of the past 2016-2017 year and looked forward to our programs for 2017-2018.

Our guest of honor was Drew Stern, who was awarded a plaque on behalf of the SACI board of directors and membership for his outstanding service and support of the SACI organization. Drew has always actively participated and volunteered to help us out and for many years and served faithfully on the board of Directors. Drew can always be found selling Door Prize, Tricky Tray and 50/50 Tickets at our events and always has been active in new membership recruitment. He spoke at length at this meeting about the importance of volunteering and we expect that Drew will continue in his current role as an integral recruiter and spokesman for SACI.

Going into 2017-2018; SACI remains a robust socially interactive and fiscally healthy organization. We have successfully been able to stabilize to a reasonable level after our re-organization beginning in 2013-2014 and are now secure in our financial position.

Under the past presidencies of Frank Wuertz and Erich Bodnar, SACI established a benchmark that each of SACI’s event must pay for itself. This principle has served SACI well for many years and we continue to abide by it.

Full membership is holding quite steady. The good news is we get between 2 and 4 qualifying new member applications per year. The bad news is we lose members at about the same rate through natural attrition – mainly retirements and movement out of the metro area. As with all mature organizations, we have a large contingent of senior members.

At the meeting, the Chairman’s message was one of conveying an insight as to of the structure of the SACI Board of Directors for 2017-2018.

SACI now has a working board of directors selected strictly from those holding full SACI membership status. We seek interested and dedicated SACI members who demonstrate leadership skills through active participation and who express a definite desire to keep SACI alive and viable in the modern business environment.

Meetings of the full Board of Directors are held 4 times per year in January, April, August and November. There are 8 members of the board and one chairman. A quorum is defined as at least 6 in attendance. Proxy votes are allowed for those not attending. Additionally; independent meetings of the various chairs and their member volunteers can be held any time in preparation for an event at the request of that chairperson.

To retain the ceremonial positions of president, treasurer and secretary; three members of the board have two titles and are functionally our executive board. These are the Chairman, the Treasury Chair, and the Sargent at Arms respectively.

In the year 2021, SACI will be 100 years old. It is our goal for the next five years, to replace one member of the board with a new board member meeting the above criteria each year. For those interested; fear not, all SACI past presidents continue active status as members of a Past Presidents Advisory Council who are more than willing to offer guidance as the board is transitioned to the new leadership.

If you feel you would like to understand more about the duties of the board, please contact the sacimanager@yahoo.com or go to our website at www.sacionline.com.

Beginning with this fiscal year, Roxanna Sanchez was officially appointed to the Board of Directors. She will be assuming the position of “Social Media Chair”. Roxanna has been active since she joined SACI and you can already see the results of her activities. Roxanna constructed the last Holiday Party Journal, copies are available on request for those who were unable to attend. She has produced a cleaner more uniform product using her skills in sizing our ads and we all look forward to working with her.

It comes down to one important message – all SACI members must continue to be active in seeking out new members for our organization. We have become a close knot active group, and we want to see SACI thrive in our centennial and beyond.

David M. Volosin
SACI Chairman

2017-2018 Board of Directors:
David Volosin – Chairman & Membership Chair
Frank Wuertz – Treasury Chair & Bursar
Mark Deluca – Sargent at Arms & Golf Outing Chair
Jim Stowe – Golf Outing Chair
Keith Terraneo – Networking Events Chair
Joyce Pisani – Holiday Party Chair
Tom Smith – SACI Archive Chair
Erich Bodnar – External Fund Raising Chair
Roxanna Sanchez – Social Networking Chair

We Wish to Thank the Companies Sponsoring SACI During 2016-2017
Amatex Laboratories
Barrington Nutritionals
Basstech International
Brenntag Northeast
Charkit Chemical
Chemical Solutions
Dastech International
DB Becker Division of Maroon
DeWolf Chemical
Drum Service of Richmond
Enduring Pharmaceuticals
Farma International
Flavor and Fragrance Specialties
G.J. Chemicals
Givaudan Fragrances
Global Seven
Green Biologics
Gyma Labs of America
H. Interdonati
Horphag Research
ICL Performance Products
International Swimming Pools
Jeen International
John R Hess & Company
KAH Specialties
Keystone Industries
Lincoln Fine Ingredients
Lyondell Basell Industries
Morre-Tec Industries
Napp Technologies
Paul Schueller International
PJ Pharma Consultants
Pride Solvents
Prinova USA
Protameen Chemical
RE Carroll
Royal Buick GMC of Sussex
Royale Pigments
Seidler Chemical
SST Corporation
Synthetics USA
Ungerer and Company
United Color Manufacturing
Westco Chemicals